Condoms Have Gotten So Damned Expensive in Argentina that People Aren't Using Protection

Tens of thousands may be having unsafe sex because the price of condoms and the pill have spiked in the recession-plagued country.


After Donald Trump Cuts Global Abortion Funding, Justin Trudeau Steps In With $700 Million

A new report suggests the U.S restrictions on foreign funding have seriously harmed the reproductive health of women in a number of countries.


Men, Would You Be Up for Using a Contraceptive Gel?

Researchers are getting volunteers to trial a sperm-slowing gel, to rival vasectomies (bit extreme) and condoms (widely hated).


Trump Just Made It Easier for Churches to Back Politicians

Thursday's executive order could also make it harder for workers at religious organizations to get birth control.


New birth control app lets you skip the doctor's visit

The app can prescribe and deliver birth control, from pills to the patch, even send Plan B via Postmates - all without a visit to a doctor.


This 'Smart Condom' Will Track Your Sex Stats if That's Something You Want

The new wearable can apparently keep track of the speed of thrusts, number of positions used, and even calories burned, because that's what we all need, right?


The Rush to Get an IUD in America Is Very Real

Since election day, women's health clinics have been squeezed to keep up with the demand for long-acting reversible contraception devices, like IUDs.


Women Talk About How the Pill Has Completely Fucked Them Over

A new study has found that taking hormonal birth control pills as a young woman makes you more likely to experience depression.


We Taste-Tested Flavored Condoms So You Don't Have To

Happy World Contraception Day, everyone!


We Asked Young People Who Should Pay for the Pill

"I don't know if guys should have to pay for a girl who's using an expensive pill for reasons other than contraception. I mean, if I had some bowel condition would they be paying for my treatment?"


Women in London Are Having More Abortions Than Anywhere Else in England

We asked an expert whether any of the clichés surrounding abortion rates are true.


Venezuela Is Running Low on Condoms, Birth Control, and Shampoo

Condoms cost about $70 each, while the government is trying to teach women how to make their own pads, with fabric.