Jammy Stone Fruit Recipe

A really simple dessert that is perfect for summer (and with whipped cream).


Miley Cyrus Accused of Plagiarizing Fruit-Fingering Artist in New Video

Cyrus is also facing accusations of copying another Instagram artist's pro-choice cake for a Planned Parenthood campaign.


Thieves Keep Stealing Entire Fields' Worth of Strawberries

Unfortunately, this is far from the first time that sticky-fingered criminals have targeted berry fields.


In Memoriam: The Trashy Mall Food Court Smoothie of the 90s

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They Did Surgery on a Grape

They did surgery on a grape.


Don't Buy This: Pre-Chopped Fruits and Vegetables Are a Big Waste of Money

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People Told Us the Most Irrational Thing They Hate in Six Words

“Tiny legs, big ears. Stupid corgis.”


'The Strawberry Gusset,' Today's Comic by Brian McCray

Young Drexeline has to solve a riddle and go up against a space witch to find out where the berry fruit lie.


Police Found 800 Pounds of Cocaine Hidden in a Banana Shipment

It's not the first time cops have busted people for hiding drugs in the fruit.


Smugglers Tried to Fool Border Patrol Agents with Weed Disguised as Limes

The pot was packaged to look like 34,000 limes stashed inside a commercial fruit shipment.