Welcome to Poole's Land, an Anarchist Commune in the Canadian Rainforest

VICE’s Manisha Krishnan traveled to a remote oceanside community where young people live in anarchy, to figure out why they decided to move there and try out the lifestyle for herself.


Mom Left Placenta In Park for Birthday 'Holistic Ritual'

A year after giving birth, a Toronto-area mother wanted to return the placenta and other things “to nature,” why she would do that in a public park is anyone’s guess.


I Joined an Anarchist Commune Expecting To Hate It, But Coming Home Sucked

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The Photographer Who Documented the Merry Pranksters Before 'The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test'

A repress of Tom Wolfe's seminal book features rare manuscripts, photos, and more. We talked to Lawrence Schiller, whose photographs of the counterculture movement inspired Wolfe, about how the new text offers the "full picture of set and setting."


Love, Bums, and Drum Circles: Postcards from a Modern-Day Hippie Paradise

Every year, hippies, anarchists, artists, and reincarnations of religious figures come together at the Rainbow Gathering to celebrate love and peace.


The Trippy Life of the LSD Manufacturer Who ‘Helped Create the 60s’

Augustus Owsley Stanley III was the LSD chemist and audio maestro who not only created the Grateful Dead's "Wall of Sound" and inspired the band's dancing bear iconography, but also created the drugs that sparked the "spirit of that era."


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Photos from Life Off the Grid in a Sustainable Commune

In this week's installment of First-Person Shooter, a member of an Oregon-based sustainable community photographed a dozen or so residents who live off-the-grid and survive together using only materials readily available to them on their 40-acre land...


This Drug Smuggler and 'Hippie Mafia' Leader Is an OG in the Weed Legalization Movement

In the 1960s, Richard Stratton distributed thousands of pounds of weed and worked for High Times. His memoir, Smuggler's Blues, tells his story of straddling the criminal and literary worlds.


How Burning Man Culture Changed Festivals Around the World

The week-long desert party laid the foundations for festivals all around the world, from Boomtown and Secret Garden Party to events in Denmark, Australia, South Africa, and Bulgaria.