John Wayne Gacy


How Alleged Serial Killer Bruce McArthur Compares to Other Infamous Murderers

Experts weighed in on what burial patterns and alleged sexual relationships tell us about McArthur.
Manisha Krishnan

Having These Personality Traits Might Mean You're Evil

We talked to Dr. Michael H. Stone, author of 'The Anatomy of Evil,' about the qualities that unite the worst people in history.
Seth Ferranti

​An Ex-Con’s Journey Through the National Museum of Crime and Punishment

After 21 years in federal prison, I found myself back inside a cell—this time, for fun.
Seth Ferranti

The Men Making Money Off the Art and Personal Effects of Rapists and Serial Killers

The "murderabilia" market allows collectors to buy ghoulish artifacts like string art made by Charles Manson and dirt pulled from the crawlspace where John Wayne Gacy buried his victims.
Mark Hay
Sothern Exposure

​Working at the Carwash Blues

It's 1970, and I work a couple of days a week at a Newport Beach carwash for $1.50 an hour, which keeps me in Banquet TV dinners, Hostess cherry pies, and Kool Kings.
Scot Sothern

Amen Dunes’ New Record Is an Ode to Failure

Our buddy Damon McMahon's fantastic new record has got the indie rock critical establishment spinning their heads around and 360-degree vomiting in excitement. For once, we agree with them, so we took Damon out for eggs to chat about drugs, cowboys...
Benjamin Shapiro

Clowns Are Going Extinct

Clowns are going extinct, thank God. Not unlike the Mexican wolf or Wyoming toad, clowns find themselves increasingly alone, partly because they're are almost deliberately terrifying.
Jules Suzdaltsev
The Skammerz Ishu

Scam of the Century

Psst! Hey, pal, c'mere here a sec!
Johnny Ryan

Shane Bugbee Searched for the Bad Side of America and Didn’t Find It

Shane Bugbee has been pissing people off since the early 90s with his obscene zines and satanic pornos. Shane and his wife Amy's most recent book and movie is the result of a year spent living on the road. They set out to make a scathing indictment of...
River Donaghey
The Fashion Issue 2013

De Nimes

Before we had low-rise, straight-leg, skinny, selvage, stretchy, resin-coated, lotion-infused, or mom jeans, there was simply jean—the fabric. The name likely originated from gênes, referring to Genoa, Italy, where sailors wore a twill blend of cotton...
Jenni Avins