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The Charlatans' Tim Burgess, MBV’s Debbie Googe Join Forces on “Many Clouds”

Burgess talks working with My Bloody Valentine’s Debbie Googe, his upcoming album 'As I Was Now,' being label boss at O Genesis, and 'Twin Peaks.'
Jill Krajewski
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Brian Eno and My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields' New Song Is a Lush Drone

The 9-minute shoegaze-ambient epic "Only Once Away My Son" comes courtesy Adult Swim's Singles series.
Colin Joyce
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A Handy Guide to the Music 'Gilmore Girls' Missed While It Was Away

On the one hand, they missed St. Vincent. On the other, they dodged Mumford & Sons.
Sarah MacDonald
Vice Blog

I Created Four Tinder Accounts to Find Out Which Version of Myself People Liked Best

Honestly, it was the most fun I've had using the app.
Luke Winkie
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We Asked an Expert If Shoegaze Is Really Making a Comeback

Don’t throw away your reverb pedals and Moose records just yet.
Internet Exploring

Watch Donald Trump Jiggle His Bloated Jowels to Shoegaze

Apparently, the future President frickin' loves My Bloody Valentine.
Dan Ozzi
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Your Favorite Bands Wouldn't Exist Without the Shoegaze Scene: Observations from the 'Beautiful Noise' Documentary

They didn’t sell a lot of records, but everyone who heard them started a band.”
Woah, Dude!

I Auditioned for My Bloody Valentine in a Transsexual Sex Shop

And Slash flew me to California to jam with Velvet Revolver.
Steve Ludwin

Whirr's "Lines" Will Give You Hearing Loss if You're Lucky

Let Whirr blow your face off with this new track off of 'Sway.'
John Hill
Objectively Correct Lists

The 123 Worst Musicians of All Time

From AC/DC to Zappa, these are the “artists” who have ruined music.
Noisey Staff
My Favourite Soundtrack

The Lost in Translation Soundtrack Makes me Pine for Every Stranger I Was Too Scared to Give my Number To

Coppola's choice of songs will turn anyone into an emotional sap capable of actual feelings.

Want to See My Bloody Valentine in San Francisco? We're Giving Away Two Pairs of Tickets!

MBV. My Bloody Valentine. Really, that's all we should have to say to dissolve your brain into a technicolor puddle of sound and fury, but we'll elaborate…
Sasha Hecht