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These Guys Found a Fridge of Ice Cold Beer Left After a Flood

You wouldn't believe what they did next.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Nebraska's Brutally Honest New Tourism Slogan Is Perfect

"Honestly, it's not for everyone."
Lauren Messman
Doin' Work

These Photos Capture the Power of Political Resistance

Photographer Alex Matzke has been on the front lines of some of America's most exciting political movements.
Tara Wray
Weed Week

This Is Probably the Most Stoned Stretch of Highway in All America

Cops in "Buzzkill County" swear they aren't targeting stoners who just left Colorado. But the arrest numbers there are eye-popping.
Max Rivlin-Nadler
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America's Top Corn-Growing States Really Love Daft Punk

Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska are apparently obsessed with buying 'Random Access Memories' on vinyl.
Alexander Iadarola

What We Can All Learn from One Cat-Hating Midwestern Dad's Pot Brownie Misadventure

A dad thought he had scored some free brownies, but he ended up "crawling around on the floor, randomly using profanities, and calling the family cat 'a bitch.'"
Harry Cheadle

Nebraska Is Redesigning Its Licence Plate, but Not Because It Looks Like a Guy Holding His Huge Balls

Not only did the new licence plate design feature the wrong statue, it really, really resembles a dude holding his grotesquely swollen testicles.
Harry Cheadle
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Nebraska Lawmakers Have Successfully Abolished the Death Penalty

If they succeed, Nebraska will be the 19th state—and the first led by Republicans—to abolish the death penalty.
Drew Millard

Cry-Baby of the Week: A Man Drowned His Neighbor's Dog Because It Wouldn't Stop Barking

Also this week: A woman allegedly attacked her boyfriend with a crowbar because he was snoring.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

A Senior Citizen in Nebraska Filed a Handwritten Lawsuit Against All Homosexuals on Behalf of God and Jesus

The 66-year-old Nebraskan wants a judge to declare homosexuality a sin.
Allie Conti

Oklahoma and Nebraska Want to Kill Legal Weed in Colorado

The two states are accusing Colorado's booming cannabis industry of spilling across their borders and getting their citizens illegally high.
Josiah M. Hesse

Cry-Baby of the Week: A 90-Year-Old Man Was Arrested For Feeding the Homeless

Also this week: A woman drove her car into a couple because they stole her parking spot.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete