The Case for Montreal as City-State

The Quebec government wants to ban public servants from wearing religious symbols. But for one of the world's most tolerant cities, there’s an unlikely way out.
Matthew Hays
3 days ago

Area Man Regrets Helping Turn Joe Biden Into a Meme

A former 'Onion' editor wishes his publication had gone harder at Diamond Joe.
Joe Garden

A Definitive Ranking of Almost Every Flavor of Mountain Dew

I did the Dew in 24 different incarnations to bring you this comprehensive guide to its many nuances.
Andy O'Connor

For Gay Men in Indonesia, There's No Place Safer Than Twitter

It's the only place where we can feel like we belong to a community—but without the pressure of revealing everything about ourselves.
Amahl S. Azwar

From the Momo Challenge to Porn Laws, We Clearly Need Digital Natives in Charge

Numerous recent stories have shown how much harm people who don't get technology can do.
Tom Whyman
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Trump's State of the Union Showed Us Everything Wrong with His Presidency

The dull, falsehood-laden speech just underscored how committed the president is to vicious partisan warfare.
Harry Cheadle
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Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz's Delusional Plan to Save America

He's not the first billionaire to think he alone can fix the country, but he might be the most disconnected from reality.
Harry Cheadle
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Trump Made Immigration More Popular in 2018

The more he rants about how immigrants cause crime, the less the country is persuaded.
Harry Cheadle
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Don't Be Fooled by Trump's Empty Government Shutdown Threats

We've been here before.
Harry Cheadle
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The Ruling Striking Down Obamacare Is a Disaster for Republicans

When a judge said the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional, it was technically a victory for conservatives, but not the kind of victory they want.
Harry Cheadle
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Don't Kid Yourself, Republicans Are Never Going to Turn on Trump

Removing the president from office will require GOP senators to break with him. That doesn't seem likely, no matter what Robert Mueller uncovers.
Eoin Higgins
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Mitt Romney Might Become Trump's Next Great Nemesis

The Utah senator could be the figure never Trump Republicans have been waiting for.
Bradley Honan
Arick Wierson