People Told Us Their Most Insane Catfishing Stories

No, Lance Bass does not want to marry you.


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The program offers support groups for convicted sex offenders.


Behind the Scenes of 'Age of Consent'

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The Faulty Test Used to Punish Sex Offenders

Penile plethysmography tests aren't always accurate, but failing one can be devastating for those forced to use them.


Toronto’s ‘Vigilante Pedophile Hunters’ Look to Turn Legit, Say They’re Working with the FBI

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Whatever Happened to NAMBLA?

Rumors of the death of the North American Man Boy Love Association are only slightly exaggerated, our investigation found.


Realizing You're a Pedophile Can Make You Want to Kill Yourself

"How in the world can anyone go through every day living with this curse and not want to fling themselves off the nearest bridge on a daily basis?"


​The Cambodian Organization that Stalks Western Child Molesters

Action Pour Les Enfants was at the forefront of the fight against child sexual exploitation in Cambodia. Then, their former-director was arrested for alleged child sex abuse.


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Why Are People Obsessed with the Legendarily Dark Internet Video 'Dafu Love'?

Whether the video is an urban legend or the work of a uniquely depraved Australian man in jail in the Philippines, a certain segment of the web loves talking about it.


A British Man Tried to Blame His Child Porn Collection on His Children

Andrew Martin, from Coventry, told authorities that his sons—who would have been younger than six years old at the time—downloaded the images from the internet.