Hong Kong

Hong Kong Protesters Are Forming a 20-Mile Human Chain

They're recreating the historic protest that linked millions across three Baltic countries in opposition to Soviet rule three decades ago.
Tim Hume
2 days ago
Hong Kong

Hong Kong Stabbing: Attacker Allegedly Asked Victims About Their Views on Protests Before Brutal Assault

One person, a journalist, is in critical condition after being stabbed. Two others escaped with minor injuries.
Tim Marcin

Canadian Teens Told Us Why They’re Striking Over Climate Change

Some of them are voting in Canada’s fall election
Hilary Beaumont

We Spent an Afternoon Learning the Art of Civil Disobedience

I learned how to get past a police cordon and how to tangle my legs together to avoid getting picked up.
Matthieu Foucher

Vegans May Have Killed Piglets While Protesting ‘Death Factory’ Pig Farm

The farmer said the activists who crammed themselves into a shed with some sows and piglets caused two piglets to be crushed to death.
Mack Lamoureux

Growing Up Gay in Poland Made Me an Activist

When 20-year-old Sebatian Słowiński found fascist propaganda being distributed around his university, he decided to take a stand and educate his fellow students.
Sebastian Słowiński

Meet the Guy Who Helped Save a Town from Actual Gold Diggers

At 18 years old, Tică Darie helped fight off a mining conglomerate that planned to turn a Romanian village into a cyanide lake.
Vlad Marko Tollea

Hungary is trying to dismiss massive protests with conspiracy theories about George Soros

An estimated 15,000 demonstrators braved sub-zero temperatures Sunday in a rare show of opposition to Viktor Orban’s government
Tim Hume
Yellow vests

Macron is finally taking action to stop the "yellow vest" protesters

Hardcore groups of rioters looted shops and burned vehicles, and more than 1,700 people were taken into custody
Tim Hume

Young Brazilians Share Their Fears About a Bolsonaro Presidency

"I want a country where black people and LGBTQ individuals can walk freely. As a woman, I want to walk around without being afraid I'll get raped."
Gislene Ramos
The Power and Privilege Issue

Meet the Teenage Girl Who Led Thousands in Protest Against Sweden’s Deportation of Afghan Refugees

The deportations haven’t stopped, but 18-year-old Fatemeh Khavari made Sweden pay attention to their struggle.
Fatemeh Khavari

Antifa Activists Are Freaking Out About a Proposed 'Unmasking' Law

The bill targets antifascist and anarchist protesters who use "black bloc" tactics to challenge the alt-right.
Allie Conti