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What We Know About the Alleged Dylann Roof Wannabe

Benjamin McDowell reportedly tried to buy a gun off an undercover agent, saying he wanted to commit a racially motivated attack "in the spirit of Dylann Roof."


Things Are Going Great for the Guy Who Attacked Dylann Roof in Jail

Dwayne Stafford is enjoying temporary housing and donated clothing, food, and cash after being released from jail where he assaulted Charleston shooter Dylann Roof.


We Called a California Inmate to Talk About Illegal Smartphones in Prisons

He broke down how much the devices cost, their availability, how they get in, what they're being used for, and the consequences of getting caught with one.


Should Amazon Let White Supremacists Sell Merchandise on Its Site?

Amazon.com's Marketplace allows people from around the world to sell goods online, and some of those products are tied to hate groups.