Far-Right Extremism

New Paramilitary Training Video Emerges of Neo-Nazi Terror Group

The footage comes as an alleged member of The Base was outed as a soldier in the Canadian military.
Mack Lamoureux
Ben Makuch
19 hours ago
Far right

Here’s How Big Far Right Social Network Gab Has Actually Gotten

Gab has experienced a huge growth spurt in the first half of 2019, a worrying sign of the spread of hateful ideologies and radicalization online.
David Gilbert
5 days ago

Trump Is Now Going to Make Life Hell for Immigrants With Disabilities

Trumps's new "public charge" rule would deny a visa or green card to immigrants who rely on government assistance.
Emma Ockerman
Morgan Baskin
Gaby Del Valle
5 days ago

Former Neo-Nazi Leader No Longer Employed by the City of Hamilton

The City of Hamilton and Marc Lemire have "mutually agreed" to part ways following a VICE investigation.
Mack Lamoureux
5 days ago
Far-Right Extremism

Militant Neo-Nazi Group Actively Recruiting Ahead of Alleged Training Camp

The Base, a neo-Nazi group aiming to provide military and survivalist training to fellow white supremacists, has been ramping up its activities including a massive recruitment campaign and a planned "hate camp."
Mack Lamoureux
Ben Makuch

Here’s the Memo About the ‘Burden of Being Black at Google’

Read the full memo written by a departing Google employee on his experience as a Black person at Google.
Motherboard Staff

Trump Just Shared an Anti-Immigrant Tweet from a QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Named 'MAGA Michelle'

“Thank you, and the Wall is under major construction!” Trump responded.
David Uberti

'Glow' Finally Gives Its Characters Space to Grapple With Racism

Season 3 of Netflix's 80s wrestling series brings its characters face-to-face with the historical violence causing their trauma.
Alex Zaragoza

It Seems a White Nationalist Managed to Pass the State Department's Background Check

And officer in the Bureau of Energy Resources allegedly went to Charlottesville and recruited for a white nationalist organization.
Tess Owen

Getting Rid of 8chan Isn't Going to Get Rid of QAnon

Some longtime watchers of the conspiracy say it's grown to the point where it doesn't need 8chan or even Q anymore.
Mack Lamoureux

Exclusive: Trump Says He Doesn't Do Political Strategy. This Memo Shows Otherwise

This document strongly suggests presidential Twitter tantrums against everyone from AOC to the entire city of Baltimore are no accident.
Allen Salkin

Mindy Kaling Is Finally Changing Her Disappointing Track Record on Diversity

After years of falling short with POC, Kaling is trying to create a more diverse Hollywood. Can she win back the viewers she's let down?
Alex Zaragoza
Ankita Rao