5 days ago

My Black Therapist Helped Me Accept My Distrust of White People

Ever since a white cop pulled a gun on me, I have been questioning my safety around all white people. My therapist says I'm hardly the only Black person with this fear.


Quebec Man Tells Jagmeet Singh to Cut Off His Turban to ‘Look Like a Canadian'

The NDP leader was in Montreal for the French-language debate Wednesday.


White Supremacists Have Officially Hijacked the 'OK' Hand Gesture

It's been classified as a hate symbol, along with the bowl cut and a moon meme.


A Guy Could Go to Prison for a Year for Splashing Some Water on Steve King

“Nearly everybody knows Steve King is a boob,” his friend wrote on a GoFundMe to help cover legal fees.


Canadian Far-Right Party Becomes Official, Outs All Its Members

As per Elections Canada rules, the names of the Canadian Nationalist Party members became public when the party became legit—the members' identities were quickly amplified by anti-fascists.


Even Donald Trump Is at a Loss for Words on Justin Trudeau's Blackface Scandal

You know things are bad when the US president won’t defend another controversial world leader.


The Best Late-Night Jokes About Justin Trudeau's Blackface Scandal

“He’s not dressed as Aladdin, he’s dressed as Aladdin doing blackface,” Trevor Noah said of Justin Trudeau’s makeup colour choice.


Justin Trudeau Won't Say How Many More Blackface Photos There Will Be

At a press conference in Winnipeg, the prime minister declined to answer when asked if more photos of him in racist makeup would surface.


Some Questions For Justin Trudeau, Our Prime Minister Who Loves Brownface (and Blackface)

Justin Trudeau wants Canadians to forgive his racism—but he hasn't explained why we should.


There’s a Third Incident of Justin Trudeau in Racist Makeup

The prime minister, running for re-election, is facing calls for his resignation.


Baltimore Crab Restaurant Changes Dress Code After Being Accused of Blatant Discrimination

Prohibited items of clothing included baggy clothing, "athletic attire," "jerseys except on game days for Baltimore teams," and work boots.