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Climate Change Is Making Life Even Harder for This Remote Village

For people who live near the Arctic, melting ice may signal the end of their world as they know it.
Mike Pearl

Magnus Nilsson Talks Quebec Sugar Shacks, Seal Hunting, and Pineapple Pizza

We bombarded the Swedish chef with pork, beans, eggs, and lots of maple syrup.
Nick Rose

​How One Inuit Woman Is Fighting Back Against the Animal Rights War on the Seal Hunt

A new film points out the irony of progressives attacking a long-standing Indigenous practice.
Jake Kivanc
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Shut Up About the "Fuck PETA" Controversy, Tanya Tagaq Puts on the Best Live Show I've Ever Seen

Modern art met ancient culture, and the result was explosive.
Kim Kelly

People Hating on Tanya Tagaq’s ‘Fuck PETA’ Polaris Speech Are Missing the Point

We interviewed 2014 Polaris Music Prize winner Tanya Tagaq about why ending her acceptance speech with "Fuck PETA!" shouldn't be the dominant narrative about that night.
Malaya Qaunirq Chapman

Tanya Tagaq's Cute Sealfie Pissed Off A Lot of Idiots

We interviewed the Bjork collaborator about why attacking her for a #sealfie reflects a colonial ‘You can’t do that!’ attitude that still thrives in Canada.
Dave Dean

We Spoke to the Inuit Women Behind 'Sealfies'

A few weeks ago, Ellen DeGeneres used a selfie-driven social media campaign to raise and donate $1.5 million to an organization petitioning the Canadian government end seal hunting. This upset many in the Inuit community, who feel they're being...
Dave Dean