The PlayStation 5 Will Launch in Time for the 2020 Holidays

Sony’s next console will be ready by next Christmas.


Sony Drops First Look at 'Last of Us II' With Violent Gameplay Trailer

Sony revealed a February release date and first gameplay footage for the ‘The Last of Us’ sequel during today’s State of Play.


Major Video Game Companies Commit to Disclosing Loot Box Probability

Companies such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are committing to reforming practices around paid lootboxes, the Entertainment Software Association says.


Excuse Me, You Can Click a Button to Reveal Hidden PlayStation Trophies?

Yes, I know I could just look them up online. But this is way, way easier.


This New Gaming Handheld Has a Crank (!!) And Looks Cool as Hell

Panic, the company who funded 'Firewatch,' has spent the last 20 years making Mac software. Now, they're doing something different.


Sony Shows Off 'Ultra High Speed' Loading Times for Next PlayStation

During a demo, Sony’s next-generation console was able to load Marvel’s Spider-Man nearly ten times faster than the PlayStation 4 Pro.


French Police Detain Chris Brown After Rape Accusation, According to Report

Investigators have two days to decide if the RCA-signed singer will be charged or let go.


Report: Sony and R. Kelly Have Split

According to Billboard, the singer is now without a label in the wake of 'Surviving R. Kelly.'


'Venom' Is a Bad 90s Movie Released in 2018

Tom Hardy’s big Marvel movie would make more sense if it was released back when ‘Batman and Robin’ was in theatres.


The ‘Spider-Man’ Game Is Marvel’s Best Spidey Movie

From the movies to the comic books, no Spider-Man adaptation has ever made me cry like this game has. That means something.


Director X Wants You to Remember the “Fly” in ‘Superfly’

The famed music video director told us why his 2018 version is more 'Fast and Furious' than 'Sicario.'


Sony Isn't Thrilled About This 'Breaking Bad'-Inspired Beer

The company argues that the award-winning "Breaking Bud" IPA ripped the show's branding and logo.