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Canada Grants More Religions Ability to Import Ayahuasca

A total of five religious groups now are allowed to use the hallucinogenic in their ceremonies.
Sarah Krichel

I Biked the Most Dangerous Road in the World

The old highway that connects the city of La Paz with the tropical Bolivian Yungas is one of the most dangerous roads on the planet. For daring cyclists, it’s a tourist destination.
Miguel Ángel Vicente de Vera

Want To Help Save the Planet? Stop Doing Coke

Reminder: Even your moderate consumption contributes to significant deforestation.
Billy Eff

My Life as an International Cocaine Smuggler

Pieter "Posh Pete" Tritton was making £30,000 a month while he was still in his twenties – but it wasn't long before it all came crashing down.
Max Daly

See the Amazonian Way of Life Before It's Gone

Misha Vallejo's intimate photo essay captures everyday people before the new Manta-Manaus Corridor transforms South America.
Misha Vallejo
true crime

How Jim Jones Went from Civil Rights Leader to Cult Murderer

Before he was the notorious head of a murder-suicide cult, the Indiana preacher was a socialist who fought Jim Crow.
Seth Ferranti
Behind The Lens

Inside The Rolling Stones' Trip Across Latin America

We sit down with the filmmakers of new doc 'Olé Olé Olé!' to find out how they chronicled a band that's done it all already, culminating in The Stones playing to 1 million fans in Cuba.
Alex Godfrey
copa libertadores

Four Killed Amidst Copa Libertadores Celebrations

Most people involved in Wednesday night's celebrations were predominantly cheering for the same side.
Liam Daniel Pierce
2016 Rio Olympics

Shooting For Respect: The Indigenous Brazilian Archers Attempting To Become Olympians

An archery program for marginalized native Brazilian youth has been more successful than expected and ultimately could produce the country's first indigenous Olympian.
Donna Bowater

Life Is Like Purgatory in the Squalid Shantytowns of Paraguay

In December, 2015, massive flooding on the Rio Paraguay forced over 100,000 Paraguayans to flee their homes. Nearly six months later, 60,000 citizens are still displaced and the situation isn't improving.
William Mathis

Inside the Secret Facebook Groups Where People Exchange Sex For Services

Bartering might predate the concept of money, but these days, if you want a driving lesson from someone in exchange for half an hour with your body, you just go online.
Luis Chaparro

A New Paradise: The Gender Fluid Tribes of the Colombian Amazon

Sensual, transgressive, and playful portraits of the Ticuna tribe in Colombia.
Nelson Morales