St. Patrick's Day


​​White Men Can’t Drunk: St. Patrick’s Day and Privilege

If you come to Manhattan on St. Patrick's Day, there are scenes to behold of local-nightly-news B-roll pageantry, but really the day is a calamity, a demolition derby of male ego and the limits of human biology.
John Saward

What Happened When I Crashed A Men-Only St. Patrick’s Day Event

'I'm no chauvinist, but the only thing better than an Irish woman is an Irish man,' I was told by a septuagenarian when I tried to attend the New Brunswick event.
Julia Wright
In the Margins

What It's Like to Spend St. Patrick's Day in Prison

Corned beef and cabbage were served on St. Patrick's Day every year I spent in prison, a testament to the racial politics of the prison-industrial complex.
Daniel Genis

Photos from an Apocalyptic St. Patrick's Day in Savannah, Georgia

The screaming wakes you up by 8:30, you have your first drink by 9:30, and you're hammered by noon.
Carson Sanders

Drunk Tourist Arseholes and Rivers of Piss: St Patrick's Day in Dublin Was Hell On Earth

Thousands of people in stupid green hats, living up to the national caricature of alcoholic mayhem.
Roisin Kiberd, Photos: Sarah Elizabeth Meyler

Photos of St. Patrick's Day in Tokyo

Tokyo hosts the largest St. Patrick's Day parade in Asia, complete with shamrocks and pints of Guinness.
Gaku Saito

Hey Americans, Please Stop Pretending to Be Irish

It's a shame, America, that of all you could've inherited from us, you choose our excessive drinking and a kitsch, camp celebration of nothing.
James Nolan