Jonathan Martin Arrested After Posting Threatening Photo on Instagram

The former Miami Dolphin threatened two former teammates, and tagged his old high school, which was shut down after the post.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Useful Life Advice

How to Deal with the Dickheads in Your Life

Expert advice from "The Asshole Guy".
Stefanie Marsh
march madness

Can Anyone in the Final Four Stop UConn?

It's easy to consider this NCAA tournament a coronation for UConn, but the remaining three teams in the Final Four aren't pushovers.
Howard Megdal

People Who Swear Are More Likely to Be Honest: Study

Ain’t that the fucking truth.
Jake Kivanc
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Stanford Snaps UConn's Record 90-Game Win Streak

As UConn closes in on its own college basketball record of 90 consecutive victories, we catch up with the Stanford coach and players who ended the Huskies' streak the last time around.
Aaron Gordon
Brock Turner

Judge in Brock Turner Sexual Assault Case Cleared of Misconduct After Weak Sentencing

A California commission found that Judge Aaron Persky acted reasonably in giving ex-Stanford swimmer Brock Turner a weak sentence for sexual assault.
Dave Brown
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Your Week 14 College Football Bowl Projections

We're updating our bowl projections throughout rivalry weekend. Here's the update after the end of Saturday's games.
Kevin Trahan

Former Vikings, Cardinals Coach Dennis Green Dies at 67 of Cardiac Arrest

Green was one of the few black head coaches in a time when hardly any candidates were hired for the position.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Stanford Scientists Are Calling for an In-Depth Exploration of MDMA’s Effects

'Drugs like MDMA should be the object of rigorous scientific study, and should not necessarily be demonized,' one researcher says.
Allison Tierney

Could Removing Brock Turner’s Judge Hurt Poor and Minority Defendants?

Public defenders say Aaron Persky isn't known for giving whites special treatment and that trying to recall judges who don't punish harshly is bad news for people of color.
Maurice Chammah

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, vigils for the victims of the Orlando massacre have been held around the world, a man claiming allegiance to ISIS stabbed a French police officer and his wife to death in Paris, Kanye West launches a video game, and more.
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, the Orlando nightclub shooter was on the FBI's radar, LA police have stopped a man headed to Pride with a car full of weapons, South Korea stops a North Korean cyber attack, and more.
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