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Biscuits 65: The Glory of the Lovable Alex Ovechkin and Washington Capitals

Lozo and Down Goes Brown discuss the Capitals winning the Stanley Cup, the amazing celebrations that have followed, and look ahead to the NHL offseason.


Is Alex Ovechkin's Bender the Best Time Anyone's Had with the Stanley Cup?

Or is there a certain Pittsburgh superstar who knows a thing or two about getting wild with Lord Stanley's favorite beer stein?


We Are So Here for Alex Ovechkin's Post-Stanley Cup Bender

He slept with the thing, sang "We Are the Champions" nearly a jillion times, and somehow was able to throw a baseball at a Washington Nationals game.


A Timeline of Vegas' Ridiculously Fun, Utterly Insane First Season

The greatest expansion team in sports history made everyone look dumb and took us on one hell of a ride. Bravo, Golden Knights.


Alex Ovechkin and the Caps Partied it Up in Las Vegas Last Night

The Washington Capitals made the most of being in Las Vegas while celebrating their Stanley Cup win over the Golden Knights.


Alex Ovechkin Destroyed His Critics in Glorious Fashion

The Washington Capitals superstar won his first Stanley Cup, and captured the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP. Get lost, trolls.


DGB Grab Bag: Happy Wonder Woman, Sad Bryce Harper, and How to Win the Right Way

The Washington Capitals are on the verge of winning their first Stanley Cup in franchise history. We've got an easy guide for Caps fans to follow should it happen.


Biscuits 64: The Capitals Are One Win Away from Ending Decades of Misery

Lozo and Down Goes Brown give you 69 minutes of Stanley Cup talk before Game 5 of Capitals-Golden Knights.


Sad Bryce Harper and Rowdy Max Scherzer Perfectly Sum Up the Stanley Cup Final

The contrasting reactions the star Washington Nationals teammates displayed during Game 4 is the only Capitals-Golden Knights series recap you need.


10 Ways the Washington Capitals Can Blow a Chance to Win the Stanley Cup

Because we care about you, Caps fans, we are here to balance out all those who think a Washington win is a foregone conclusion.


Biscuits 63: The Stanley Cup Final Has Been Fantastic

Lozo and Down Goes Brown also discuss bad refereeing in the Golden Knights-Capitals series, dirty Tom Wilson, the concussion lawsuit, and Evgeny Kuznetsov's injury.


DGB Grab Bag: Ovi Face, June Hockey History, and Stop Lying About Start Times

The Vegas Golden Knights' pre-game festivities are a blast and should go on for however long they want, can we just start a game when we say we're going to start a game?