Police say woman who claimed fake cops defrauded her in tax scam “exaggerated” story

Cops say she was bilked $6,000 — but it happened through the common phone scam, not during a fake arrest.
Tamara Khandaker

Tokyo Is the Most Expensive Place in the World to Buy Weed

A gram will set you back $40.
Maddison Connaughton
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump goes after Al Franken over alleged sexual misconduct, GOP wins key votes for tax bill, Russian diplomat admits to "long list" of Trump contacts, and more.
VICE Staff
Paradise Papers

What the Paradise Papers Tell Us About Our Screwed Up Society

It's weird to think this may be the system functioning as it's supposed to.
Tom Whyman
Tax Avoidance

The Paradise Papers Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

We spoke to a tax avoidance expert about what to expect next.
Simon Childs
Paradise Papers

All The Elite Hypocrisy Revealed By the Paradise Papers So Far

People who claim to want to eradicate poverty in "helping to perpetuate it" shocker.
Mark Wilding
Northern mining

Canada's north has some of the world’s “most charitable” royalty rules for mining firms

“There’s no reason why everybody there shouldn’t be living like they live in Dubai”
Ashley Renders
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

NYPD again looking into Harvey Weinstein allegations, death toll still rising in California, and more.
VICE Staff
Tax math

Paul Ryan does not understand how taxes work in Canada

The Speaker of the House thinks Canada is some kind of libertarian paradise
Justin Ling
Weed Week

How the IRS Screws Legal Weed Businesses

The IRS targets legal cannabis businesses. Now the industry is fighting back.
David Bienenstock
marijuana legalization

The Pricing Puzzle: What should legal weed cost consumers?

“Let’s not tax it at the beginning and let’s hurt the black market as much as we can.”
Vanmala Subramaniam
The VICE Guide to Right Now

What We Just Learned About Donald Trump's Taxes

The journalist David Cay Johnson revealed what was inside the president's 2005 1040 tax form on Tuesday night.
Harry Cheadle