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Blood Orange's Tiny Desk Concert Is As Soothing As a Good Massage

"Can you swear in this? You put the thing beforehand, right, that says: 'explicit language'?"
Tshepo Mokoena
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H.E.R Makes Her Tiny Desk Concert Look So Goddamn Easy

After being a guest on Daniel Caesar's Tiny Desk Concert, the elusive R&B singer finally has a chance to serenade us with her own 18-minute medley.
Kristin Corry

Wu-Tang Clan Did a Tiny Desk Concert to Remind You How Much They Rule

It's a 20-minute-long medley replete with strings and packed with the sort of quick-fire lyrical dexterity you'd expect.
Alex Robert Ross
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Marvel at Pedro The Lion's Quietly Crushing Tiny Desk Concert

David Bazan brought Erik Walters and Sean Lane to NPR to perform "When They Really Get to Know You They Will Run," "Yellow Bike," and "Kept Secrets."
Alex Robert Ross
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Obviously Watch Erykah Badu's New Tiny Desk Concert

The idiosyncratic, existential soul artist warmed up with "Rimshot" before stretching out a remarkable, 12-minute "Green Eyes."
Alex Robert Ross
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Rakim Returns to the Spotlight with a Luxurious Tiny Desk Concert

The iconic rapper performed new single "King's Paradise" before dropping into "Paid in Full" and "Know the Ledge."
Alex Robert Ross
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Watch GoldLink's Silky Tiny Desk Concert

The DMV rapper played four songs on his Tiny Desk debut, highlighting the R&B influences that have underpinned every project he's released.
Alex Robert Ross
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Jorja Smith's Tiny Desk Concert Is Effortlessly Smooth

Smith, who's celebrating her 21st birthday today, performed languid versions of "On My Mind," "Teenage Fantasy," and "Blue Lights" at NPR.
Alex Robert Ross
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Superorganism’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert Is So Fucking Cool

Inflatable whales hanging from the ceiling tell you all you need to know, as Orono Noguchi and co. play tracks from their inventive debut album.
Lauren O'Neill
an investigation

NPR’s Tiny Desk Is Actually Not Tiny at All

One of America's most respected media institutions is hiding a secret that's anything but tiny.
Dan Ozzi
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Smile Along to Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile's Laid-Back Tiny Desk Concert

The duo grinned their way through "Over Everything," "Continental Breakfast," "Blue Cheese," and "Let It Go."
Alex Robert Ross
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Sampha's Tiny Desk Concert Is a Heavenly Experience

The UK crooner delivered songs from his 'Process' album
Lawrence Burney