Fireworks and Pipe Bombs: How Greek Towns Celebrate Easter

On the island of Chios, rival parishes launch makeshift rockets at each other, while on Andros, iron pipes filled with gunpowder blow up right next to the Easter procession.


The Festival That Celebrates the Arrival of Spring with Violence, Dirt and Booze

Every year, the people of the French village Cournonterral gather to mark the end of a 12th century battle by chasing each other around with barrels of dark wine.


Photos of Wet, Sweaty Men Climbing a Lard-Smothered Monument

Photographer Ben McNutt captured the annual Herndon Climb at the United States Naval Academy.


Photos of Modern Vikings Keeping Their Traditions Alive

Vikings Against Racism are out to show that you can cherish ancient traditions without being a bigot.


We followed a Chinese couple on their annual 1,000-mile journey to see their kids

An estimated 61 million “left-behind children” only see their parents once a year during paid time-off for the Chinese New Year.


Camel wrestling is a real sport and we went to see it in Turkey

It’s camel wrestling season. Enough said.


What it's like for the "kings" and "queens" of the oldest Mardi Gras celebration

New Orleans isn't the only city known for its Mardi Gras party.


I Spent a Night Watching over a Dead Person

I learnt what it takes to be a shomrim – someone who keeps dead people company in the days before their funeral.


Photos from an Annual Dutch Festival Where People Try to Tear the Head off a Dead Goose

The first person to achieve that is crowned Goose King for a year.


Why Romanians No Longer Love Killing Pigs

People in Romania aren't buying and killing their own pigs any more, a fact the merchants at the Brănești pig fair can't escape.


Serbians Swam for Jesus in a Freezing River

Last week, hundreds of men and women dove into freezing Serbian waters to snatch a wooden cross.


Photos of Horses Jumping Through Fire for a Better 2017

Every year on the 16th of January, the horses in a small village near Madrid run through bonfires to ward off evil for the coming year.