This Theme Park Devoted to Ancient Aliens Really Makes You Think

One of the park's main attractions is a flight simulator that suggests Peru's Nazcar Lines might be a landing strip for alien craft.

Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

The Idaho GOP is helping an alt-right YouTube star marry her Austrian white nationalist boyfriend

Martin Sellner says he lost his travel privileges after being investigated for his ties to the mosque mass shooter in Christchurch.

Tess Owen

How One Woman Created a Home for the Trans Community in Vietnam

Meet Jessica Ca: founder of the only trans club in Ho Chi Minh and mentor to the city's LGBTQ community.

Zoe Osborne

I Asked Europeans What They Thought of Justin Trudeau’s SNC-Lavalin Scandal

On a recent Eurotrip, I chatted with locals across France, Italy, and Spain about our ghastly scandal and the damage it’s done to Canada’s reputation.

Ted Fraser

The Story of How Airbnb Ruined Byron Bay

...And turned rental property landlords into millionaires.

Nat Kassel

Taking a Selfie on this Thai Beach Could Score You the Death Penalty

Phuket authorities are trying to keep a popular holiday spot safe by threatening tourists with capital punishment.

Gavin Butler

Photos of Japan's Office Workers During Their 60-Hour Weeks

Sleeping on the street is socially acceptable in Japan, where nightly overtime is normal.

Laura Woods

Komodo Island Is Closing Because People Keep Stealing its Dragons

Tourists will be banned from visiting the Indonesian island as of January 2020.

Gavin Butler

I Was On A Plane And The Pilot Announced There Was A Bomb on It

“Mum, are we going to be ok? Are we going to reach Changi?"

Vijay Singh

Tourists Are Coming All the Way to India to See Political Rallies and Have Dinner With Politicians

Travel companies are cashing in on The Great Indian Election.

Dhvani Solani

The Underground Marijuana Doctors of Texas

When patients are desperate for cannabis, they turn to a married couple who have quietly built an illegal business.

Brendan Bures

Mexico Is Now Trapping Migrants Before They Can Even Reach the US Border

'We were locked inside as if we were in a jail,' one migrant said of his experience at a shelter.

Justin Glawe