Travis Kalanick


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Republican wins Georgia special election, Travis Kalanick forced out as Uber CEO, US shoots down Iranian drone in Syria, and more.


Jared Kushner's newest job: getting tech companies to love the White House

Per an executive order signed Monday morning, Kushner is launching a group called the American Technology Council, a joint effort between Silicon Valley and the White House.


Uber Will Make Results of an Internal Sexual Harassment Investigation Public

The company has been taking heat lately over complaints from former employees.


The City of Toronto Is Uber’s Latest Enemy

Much has been made of Uber's executive gaffes in the US over the past few days. Now, in Canada, they're facing a new attack from Toronto's municipal government, which aims to have all of Uber's services outlawed from the city.


All the Reasons Why Uber Is the Worst

A high-profile Uber executive suggested that the company should spend $1 million digging up dirt on journalists. We're not surprised.


Uber Drivers Are Revolting Against Their Shitty Bosses

More than 100 furious hacks surrounded Uber's offices in New York this week to protest the company's unfair policies toward its drivers. The good news is that the free market is on their side.