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Noel Gallagher Spent Years Moving Furniture Around to Make Liam Believe in Ghosts

"He'd go and have his breakfast, someone would go in [his bedroom] and turn the pictures back to front, or fucking move a lamp."
Lauren O'Neill
4 days ago
international relations

Fighting Corruption in Peru with Perra Vida's Hardcore Feminist Punk

"The incredibly high number of femicides, rapes, and sexual exploitation—in conjunction with many other horrible things, it makes you want to collapse and cry. But it can also motivate you to actually do something."
Javier Ibarra

Here's a Story About Paul McCartney and John Lennon Cranking Their Hogs

Paul McCartney told a a lot of brilliant Beatles stories in his new GQ profile. One involved a circle jerk to the thought of Brigitte Bardot (and Winston Churchill).
Alex Robert Ross

Japanese Punk Band CHAI Is Redefining Kawaii

The Tokyo band have grown tired of seeing beauty defined as "long legs and big eyes."
Nick Fulton
Noisey News

Listen to BBC Radio's New Aphex Twin Documentary

John Doran's 'The Cult of Aphex Twin' probes at the mysterious career of a unique artist.
Alex Robert Ross
Some Thoughts

If You Saw a Knee on the Strokes ‘Is This It’ Artwork, You’re Pure

What your perception of the album cover, from the New York band's 2001 debut, says about you.
Tshepo Mokoena

How Motörhead Became Legends

We sit down with Martin Popoff, author of 'Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers: The Rise of Motörhead,' to talk about the band's rise to infamy.
Seth Ferranti
Guide to Getting Into

The Guide to Getting Into Devo

More than a quirky band with funny red hats, Devo were synth-weilding art punk pioneers who shaped everyone from Neil Young to Radiohead, and 'The Simpsons' to Martin Scorsese. Here's where to start.
Andrea Domanick
New music

Here's Spiritualized's 'And Nothing Hurt,' Their First New Album in 6 Years

The follow-up to 2012's 'Sweet Heart Sweet Light' is streaming at NPR this morning ahead of its release on September 7.
Alex Robert Ross
You Need to Hear This

Screw Vinyl, You Can Press Music Onto Discarded X-Rays

Apparently Soviet teenagers in the 1950s would listen to records using discarded radiographs.
Dan Wilkinson

Turn The Volume to Zero: Why Silence is Important

Feeling stressed out? It might be the effect of prolonged, passive exposure to sound.
Kelley Swain
we asked a smart person

We Asked an Expert Why We Stay Obsessed with Music From Our Teens

After a New York Times report confirmed that we solidify our music taste in adolescence, we spoke to someone who could explain why.
Daisy Jones