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Tech Company Says Using Facial Recognition Technology in Bars Isn't Creepy at All

DataSparQ also hopes to roll out a feature called 'FaceTab,' which would recognise patrons and automatically add drinks to their existing tab.
Jelisa Castrodale

Racial Bias in AI Isn’t Getting Better and Neither Are Researchers’ Excuses

Another machine learning algorithm has failed to work for people of color. What is it going to take for this to stop?
Edward Ongweso Jr

Digital Rights Group Says Facial Recognition Surveillance 'Simply Should Not Exist'

Fight for the Future warns the dangers of facial recognition technology merit a ban.
Edward Ongweso Jr
Tech news

Microsoft Deleted a Massive Facial Recognition Database, But It's Not Dead

The database contained 10 million photos of 100,000 individuals including activists and journalists.
Jordan Pearson
This Week in Science

This Is The Best Kind of Disguise To Conceal Your Identity

This week in science: using brain imaging to predict who will respond to antidepressants, how your personality rubs off on your cat, and a disguise that is surprisingly effective.
Shayla Love
Big Bobis

This Guy Made a Facial Recognition Device for His Cat

Welcome to the cat surveillance state.
Daniel Oberhaus

This Is the Facial Recognition Tool at the Heart of a Class Action Suit Against Facebook

Facebook's 'Tag Suggestions' tool might end up costing the company a lot of money.
Sophie Kleeman