‘Fuck Modi’, a Protest Show in NYC, Will Go Up on Sunday Alongside Houston’s ‘Howdy Modi’ Event

VICE caught up with Desi-American punks The Kominas and comedian Arish Singh to chat about their protest show in New York this weekend.
Sharanya Deepak
2 days ago
Gen Z

Young Kashmiris Tell Us What It’s Like Living Without Internet and Social Media

“I miss playing PUBG but it’s not just about playing a game but having the right to do as you wish, the kind of rights everyone else enjoys.”
Yashraj Sharma
2 days ago

As Hurricane Dorian Continues To Ravage the Bahamas, India Promises $1 Million in Aid

India and the Bahamas have had a notably friendly political relationship for years.
Meera Navlakha
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Pakistani Diplomat Confuses Porn Star with a Kashmiri Blinded by Pellets

Abdul Basit, the former Pakistani envoy to India, thought adult film actor Johnny Sins was a victim of violence in Kashmir and is now being heavily trolled by everyone, including the actor.
Shamani Joshi
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Inside the Resistance Fighting India's Occupation of Kashmir

How one neighborhood is fighting back.
Zubair Ahmed Dar
Joe Hill
Angad Singh

India’s Supreme Court to Decide Whether Scrapping Article 370 Was Constitutional

As petitions challenging the restrictions imposed in Kashmir pile up, the Chief Justice of India has said a five-judge bench will look into the issue in early October.
Shamani Joshi
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Delhi Hotels Are Allegedly Denying Kashmiris Rooms on ‘a Government Order’

Hotel managers claim they received WhatsApp messages which were apparently from the government stating that people from Jammu and Kashmir should not be allowed in their hotels.
Shamani Joshi

This Photographer Captures the People Caught Between Violence and Politics in Kashmir

“Kashmir is misinterpreted and misunderstood so much, and there's this narrative that Kashmir is 'ours'. The conflict has been nationalised to such an extent that it's not about the individuals themselves who’re from the region.”
Pallavi Pundir

Young Kashmiris Explain How the Curfew Has Wrecked Their Relationships and Marriages

“Anything that separates two lovers can never bring peace.”
Safwat Zargar
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Pakistan Rage Over India’s ‘Occupation’ of Kashmir Explodes Into the Streets: ‘I Am Ready to Die’

“If there's no solution, we're willing to go to war.”
Hind Hassan
Sean Stephens
Tim Hume

This Is What Eid in Kashmir Looked Like

“Is this Eid or Ashura, the day of mourning?”
Hanan Zaffar
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Bollywood Is Rushing to Register Kashmir-Related Film Titles

Just days after Kashmir had its special status revoked, film producers are looking to cash in on the issue.
Meera Navlakha