Narendra Modi

3 days ago

Police Detained Northeast Indians Thinking They’re Tibetans Who Might Protest Against Chinese President’s Visit

Around 40 Northeastern people, including women, were detained despite having identity cards.


This Islamic School in India Is Giving ‘Nationalism Classes' as a Form of Self Preservation

The founders of Madrasah Rahimiya Global Academy in Jalalabad, Uttar Pradesh, say that the one-hour lectures were made mandatory after recent reports of mob lynchings and lockdown in Kashmir.


India is Arresting Tibetans Ahead of Chinese President’s Visit

Tibetan activists in India see these “preemptive arrests” as a sign of China’s growing influence over democracies and “their ability to press governments to silence freedom of speech in all corners of the world."


Police Complaint Lodged Against 49 Celebrities Who Wrote an Open Letter to PM Modi on Mob Lynchings

Sudhir Kumar Ojha from Bihar has accused them of tarnishing the image of the country and "supporting secessionist tendencies".


As Prime Minister Modi Lands in Chennai, #GoBackModi Starts Trending Again

The hashtag has trended on Twitter every time Modi has visited the Tamil Nadu city since April 2018.


‘Fuck Modi’, a Protest Show in NYC, Will Go Up on Sunday Alongside Houston’s ‘Howdy Modi’ Event

VICE caught up with Desi-American punks The Kominas and comedian Arish Singh to chat about their protest show in New York this weekend.


What It’s Like Being a Political Graffiti Artist in India, and Getting Away With It

“How many times in your life have you seen your Prime Minister painted on a wall in a funny, satirical manner? Probably never. Maybe nobody has the courage to do it. Maybe nobody thinks it's important enough. But I think otherwise.”


This Photographer Captures the People Caught Between Violence and Politics in Kashmir

“Kashmir is misinterpreted and misunderstood so much, and there's this narrative that Kashmir is 'ours'. The conflict has been nationalised to such an extent that it's not about the individuals themselves who’re from the region.”


Young Kashmiris Explain How the Curfew Has Wrecked Their Relationships and Marriages

“Anything that separates two lovers can never bring peace.”


Modi’s Nationalist Supporters Love His Crackdown on Kashmir: “He’s Like a God to India Today”

Hard-line Indian nationalists are celebrating while Kashmiris see a "dark Hindu fantasy."


This Is What Eid in Kashmir Looked Like

“Is this Eid or Ashura, the day of mourning?”