Please Let Snoop Dogg Adopt This Dog Named Snoop

It’s kismet.
Kara Weisenstein

Photos of the Biggest Stray Dog Rescue Operation in Mexico City

No dog left behind.
Rogelio Velázquez
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This Dog Guarded His Family's Burned House for Weeks After the Camp Fire​

A truly good boy.
River Donaghey
Side Gigs

I'm a Therapist Who Walks Dogs to Stay Sane

After seven or eight hours of listening to people talk about life’s complexities, the simplicity of being with dogs is a relief.
Francesca Sternfeld
News of Zealand

All You Need To Know To Get Your Furry Friends Through a Kiwi Summer

Did you know you can be fined $300 for leaving your dog in a hot car? Well, now you do.
Zoe Madden-Smith
This Week in Science

Scientists Have Made Mini Brains That Behave Like Real Human Brains

It’s the first time that brain organoids have spontaneously produced brain waves similar to human brain activity.
Shayla Love

It's Better to Sleep Next to a Dog than a Man, Study Says

A new study has found that women report better sleep when they share their bed with a dog. Human partners and cats are both disruptive and evil.
Sara David

Netflix’s Epic 'Dogs' Documentary Series, Reviewed by a Cat Owner

'Dogs' is six straight hours of immersive cinema verite stories about pups and their humans. Could I, an obsessive cat dad, resist their charms?
Beckett Mufson
This Week in Science

This Is What Happens in Your Dogs' Brain When You Talk to Them

And other science headlines you don't want to miss.
Shayla Love
science is cool

Research Has Probably Been Overstating How Smart Dogs Are

And other science headlines you don't want to miss.
Shayla Love
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For the Love of God, Please Stop Feeding This Dog

Students in Taiwan have been asked not to feed their school's guard dog, who's now a whopping 50 kg.
Drew Schwartz
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This Virtual Reality Dog Could Prevent Dog Bites

As players get closer, the dog shows anxiety and aggression through body language.
Ian Birnbaum