El Salvador

Cartel Chronicles

How Cocaine-Fueled Corruption Helped Spark the Migrant Caravan

Honduras is being eaten up by the drug cartels and their violence, so it's only natural people want out. That's just the end of a long story.
Deborah Bonello

The Violence Central American Migrants Are Fleeing Was Stoked by the US

We're still dealing with the aftermath of atrocities committed by US allies in Central America during the Cold War.
Cole Kazdin
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African Countries Are Using Trump's 'Shithole' Comments to Drive Tourism

"We would like to invite you to come to shithole Namibia, one of the best shithole countries out there."
Drew Schwartz

One of the World's 'Most Violent Gangs' Has Infiltrated Australia

MS-13 has a mission to "kill, rape, and control”, according to Homeland Security.
VICE Staff
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Everyone Is Absolutely Losing It over Trump's 'Shithole' Comments

CNN's Don Lemon didn't mince words, Seth Meyers walked off his show, and even the folks on 'Fox & Friends' were stunned.
Drew Schwartz

Salvadorans Won't Let Trump Kick Them Out of the US Without a Fight

Trump's latest move on immigration could lead to 200,000 immigrants being deported, but they won't go quietly.
Cole Kazdin

How Two Trans Salvadoran Migrants Found Peace in Tijuana

If you're trans and escaping one of the deadliest countries in the world, where do you go?
Amanda Ottaway

Trump Loves to Hate This Machete-Toting Gang

The notoriously brutal MS-13 gang recruits undocumented people from abroad, making them a perfect foil for Donald Trump. The only problem: Their victims are often immigrants, too.
Michael Edison Hayden

Trump's Wall Doesn't Scare These Seasoned Illegal Border Crossers

But they say that the trip to the United States is getting less and less inviting.
Madeleine Wattenbarger