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How to Have Sex With a Fat Girl

Touch – and I cannot stress this enough – the FUPA.
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A Definitive List of Welsh Legends

As it's St David's Day, here are some under-appreciated icons beyond Dylan Thomas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and that guy who did 'The Snowman' song, according to a bunch of Welsh VICE writers.
Emma Garland
Harry Harris
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George Griffiths
Pay Gap

Plus-Size People Reveal How They're Discriminated Against at Work

It seems the gender pay gap comes with an added weight limit.
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The Welsh Language Isn't Dead, But Your Opinion of It Is

As I love to tell people after a few Strongbow Dark Fruits, continued false claims of the Welsh language being "pointless" or "extinct" are just an extension of English teachers and tyrants quite literally beating it out of us in the past.
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Important Questions Raised By...

Meeting The Teenagers Who Still Stan My Chemical Romance

Being a super-fan of a band who broke up five years ago is a unique situation, but one that persists with MCR.
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Wales Is Leading the Way in LGBT-Inclusive Sex Education

It just became one of the first countries in the world to make it compulsory, in a change to the curriculum that will be rolled out in 2022.
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Noisey Hitlist

Pink Kink Make Technicolor Disco Punk to Party to

After opening for Pussy Riot on a UK tour, they talk about making music that can jump from silly to political and back.
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