Laura Martin


This Pub Is Serving Free Turkey Dinners to Anyone Spending Christmas Alone

“Free turkey dinner & a pint on Christmas day for anyone who is on their own. No strings, catches or nonsense.”
Laura Martin

Mindful Drinking Is the Ultimate Hangover Cure

After revolutionising vegetarian cooking with A Modern Way To Eat, Anna Jones wants us to consider “mindful drinking,” a more thoughtful approach to alcohol consumption.
Laura Martin

The Community Cookery Class That Introduces People to Sushi—and Their Neighbours

The Made In Hackney cooking course brings residents from across the London borough together to learn how to cook dishes from different global cuisines.
Laura Martin

Meet the Punk Artist Who Paints with Olive Oil

Numa Roda-Gil began his career as a photographer in the French punk scene, taking pictures of bands like The Cramps. Now he paints using a mix of extra virgin olive oil and watercolour paint.
Laura Martin

Gin and Tonic Smoked Salmon Might Be the Most Festive Seafood Dish Ever

The H Forman & Son salmon smokehouse, established in London’s East End in 1905, has found a way to infuse salmon with juniper and citrus.
Laura Martin

This Man Wants You to Fall in Love with Camel Cheese

Abderrazzak Khoubbane owns a restaurant near the Morroccan coastal town of Essaouira that specialises in camel milk cheese.
Laura Martin

How to Do Campfire Food Like a Meat-Obsessed Chef

Whole smoked chicken and barbecued sides of beef are key, but so is foraged wild garlic salad, charred leeks, and nettle mojo verde.
Laura Martin

Meet the Norwegian Kids Getting Paid Thousands to Cut Tongues Out of Fish

For as long as the people in the Norwegian coastal village of Ballstad can remember, children have been responsible for processing the tongues of skrei cod—a local seafood delicacy that can sell for as much as 60 krone a kilo.
Laura Martin
Japanese cuisine

Chicken Butts Make the Best Skewers

London's Jidori restaurant serves the ancient Japanese cuisine of yakitori, chicken poked onto wooden sticks and set over hot coals. “We use every part of the chicken. The liver, the heart, the bum,” says owner Brett Redman.
Laura Martin

Why This Chef Puts Seawater in His Pizza Dough

“This way of cooking comes from the Italian fisherman,” says Italian-born London chef Mauro Palomba. “They would just scoop up some seawater and use that in place of normal water. There's something so simple and natural about it.”
Laura Martin

Sticking This Patch on Your Arm Could Kill Your Next Hangover

Be On 1, an adhesive patch that secretes vitamin B1, claims to alleviate the symptoms that follow a heavy night of drinking. I went on my own experimental bender to test it out.
Laura Martin

This Is the Mariah Carey of Mulled Wine

London sommelier Frederic Marti’s mulled wine is decadent to the point of being OTT and galaxies away from the tepid plonk served at Winter Wonderland funfairs.
Laura Martin