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Jeremy Corbyn may not know who these national treasures are, but we do. So it is important that we fight them.


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How the kids presenter became so utterly unobjectionable that he ended up hosting every show on TV


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Sometimes things happen in life that you just have to accept as truth, even though you don't understand them.


The Biggest WTFs from The Brit Awards 2016

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The duo were wrong for the Brits, but on Saturday nights, they make the finest television known to man.


The Brit Awards 2016 Was Defined More by the Artists Who Weren’t There, Than Those Who Were

It wasn't just UK rap and grime missing last night, it was a whole cross section of British youth culture.


The Noisey Guide to Getting Smashed at The Brit Awards

When a performer attempts to mash-up two songs in the name of inventiveness? Two shots of a spirit of your choice. When Rihanna doesn’t turn up? Finish your drink and die inside.


Why Can’t Britain Put On One Decent Awards Show?

Only 189,000 people tuned in to watch the Mercury Prize this year. What happened? We used to be great at this.