Why Do Some People Suddenly Develop Food Allergies Later in Life?

It can be confusing and daunting to suddenly not be able to eat a food you've eaten your whole life.
Shayla Love

I Got My Faeces Tested to See If It's 'Super-Poo'

We're entering a new world of faecal transplants – and only the finest will qualify.
Sophie Wilkinson

What It Means for Your Sex Life Now That the Worst-Ever Cases of Super Gonorrhea Are Here

Doctors in the United Kingdom and Australia have identified three cases of gonorrhoea that are immune to both of the standard antibiotic treatments.
Denny Watkins
This Week in Science

The Shape of Your Body Influences What People Think of Your Personality

Rectangular bodies are associated with different personality traits than curvier ones.
Shayla Love

All the News You Need to Read This Morning

New studies found grammar school success down to privilege and safe spaces being used to inhibit free speech on campuses.
VICE Staff

Oral Sex Is Fuelling the Global Spread of Untreatable Gonorrhoea

Now in 50 countries. We repeat: UNTREATABLE.
Ed Cara

Cows in Switzerland Could Be Given Acupuncture Instead of Antibiotics

Following the World Health Organisation’s warning that the overuse of antibiotics in meat causes antimicrobial resistance in humans, Swiss vets are trialling alternative medicine.
Daisy Meager
food safety

Will Brexit and Trump Really Force Us to Eat Chlorine-Washed Chicken?

There are fears that a post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and US would result in previously banned American food products—including chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-pumped beef—landing on British plates.
Daisy Meager
future of food

Meet the Barge-Dwelling Herbalist Who Forages for Pharmaceuticals

From her barge-cum-apothecary on a London canal, Melissa Ronaldson tends to patients using plants and spices she finds on the wayside. “The continuum of food and medicine is the future,” she says
Daisy Meager
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Is Supermarket Chicken Going to Kill Us All?

Is it time to put down those hot wings or are we all doomed to an antibiotic-resistance apocalypse anyway? We asked an expert.
Morgan Harries
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The Amount of Drugs in Our Meat Is Terrifying

A cow slaughtered in Michigan last year had chemical residue that indicated the presence of an antibiotic in quantities more than 13 times the maximum allowed.
Wyatt Marshall

This 28-Year Old Geneticist Has Created a Robot from DNA and Proteins

The World Health Organisation says that by 2050, infections caused by ultra-resistant bacteria will be the leading cause of death. Xavier Duportet may have found the solution.
Nathalie Lagerfield