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Bahraini Ali Al-Shebabi's photography calls bullshit on stereotypes of the Arab world.


Revealed: Britain Spent Thousands Training a Bahraini 'Monster' Cop

A Bahraini police officer who allegedly ordered the assault of top pro-democracy activists on a demonstration was trained in Belfast at taxpayers' expense.


Police in Dictatorships Are Still Getting British Training

Members of Durham Constabulary went on a trip to Bahrain and posed for pictures with an officer in charge of a police station in which torture is alleged to have taken place.


UK Spooks Involved in Controversial Police Training Scheme for Dictatorship

The government is refusing to disclose information about its training of the Bahraini police because security services are involved.


Brawl Erupts Between U.S. and Bahrain Under-19 Squads

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Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa is putting his financial resources behind an MMA dream team in the Middle East.


The Bahraini Uprising in Photos: Road Blocks, Tear Gas and No Right to Protest

Photography collective Road Bloc have been taking risks to depict the intense political unrest that has been unfolding in Bahrain for years.


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Britain Might Deport a Bahraini Dissident to a Country that Hates Him

Even though that would mean five years of jail and possible torture for protesting.


Hanging Out with Western Sycophants at the 'This Is Bahrain' Conference

Weirdly, no one at the PR event wanted to talk about all the torture.