Japan's Psychedelic Baker Turns Bread into Astrological Art and Drinks Immortality Cider

"There are a lot of connections between the world of yeast and the universe," says Junpei Katsumi of Paradise Alley Bread & Co.


How Bread Is Helping These Refugees Start New Lives in London

Breadwinners employs refugees to sell bread in markets around London. The idea is simple: bread as a food is unifying, and selling it can provide vital employment skills.


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UK Supreme Court Backs Bakery That Refused to Make Pro-Gay Marriage Cake

“This court has held that ‘nobody should be forced to have or express a political opinion in which he [or she] does not believe,’” justice Lady Hale said.


The Founder of Noma's New Bakery Wants Danes to Fall in Love with Sourdough

British-born Richard Hart is behind Hart Bageri, a new Copenhagen bakery opened in partnership with Noma. "René told me that I need to get the Danes by the ryebread," he says.


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