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Spain Appointed a Sex Commissioner to Get People Making Babies Again

The new government position is aimed at curbing the country's dropping birth rate, apparently.


What Would Happen If Young People Stopped Having Babies?

The whole human race would come to an end, obviously, but we asked some experts about what else we could expect.


Photos of Romania's Neglected Orphans Then and Now

Ceaușescu Decree no. 770 banned women from having abortions. That resulted in the birth of about 2 million children, who have since been known as "Generation Decree". Some of those kids ended up in orphanages.


We Asked an Expert How Islamists Could Actually Take Over the UK

Contrary to this week's Fox News report, literally all of Birmingham is open to non-Muslims. But what would it take for the network's "terrorism expert" to be proved right?


Mucus Plugs and Bumholes: The Secrets of a Young Midwife

If you're about to give birth any time soon, rest assured – they've seen, and been covered in, it all before.


The Drop in Teen Pregnancy is a Mystery

Teen pregnancy rates have hit a record low in the US, according to new research. Access to birth control and better sex education have clearly contributed to the trend—but that's not the whole story.


Why Boyz II Men Won't Save the Russian People from Extinction

They don't want to procreate. They just want to die. It's what they do.