How to Achieve Weed Equality

With countries like the UK debating cannabis reforms, could Massachusetts – the latest US state to open its doors to legal cannabis sales – provide an alternative model of social justice?
Jason Reed
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I Joined an Anarchist Commune Expecting To Hate It, But Coming Home Sucked

Somewhere between confronting my fear of shit and planting shrooms on Poole's Land, my cynicism melted.
Manisha Krishnan

Two Brothers Have Been Sentenced to Life for Selling Weed

We spoke to the men about their 20-minute trial and why they were hit with such a huge sentence.
Tim Geyer
Cartel Chronicles

Will Trump's Wall Help Keep American Weed Out of Mexico?

Since the advent of legal weed, traffic across the US-Mexico border is no longer one-way.
Deborah Bonello

Weed May Play a Role in Weight Loss

Studies have shown that cannabis users are less obese than non-users. Scientists are trying to figure out why.
Matt Strauss

It's a Really Good Time to Be a Weed Smuggler

Legalising marijuana has hurt the black market within those US states – but opened up more possibilities for cross-state smugglers.
Hayley Fox
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Americans Love Weed, Midterms Suggest

During a bitterly divided election, red states and blue states both embraced cannabis measures.
Eve Peyser
medical cannabis

Private Patients to Get Easier Access to Medical Cannabis Than NHS Patients

Warns the UK's top medical cannabis expert.
Mattha Busby
medical cannabis

Revealed: Families Threaten to Take NHS to Court Over Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis might now be legal in the UK, but for many, it's just as hard to access it as it's ever been.
Mattha Busby
Medicinal Cannabis

These Are the Cannabis Products You'll Be Able to Get On the NHS

Here's what you'll likely be able to get, what it treats and how it'll make you feel.
Mattha Busby
Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis Is Legal in the UK – Here's What Comes Next

A new study reveals widespread support for the further relaxation of cannabis laws, with MPs telling VICE that recreational weed could be a possibility under a new Conservative leader.
Mattha Busby
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Watch a Utah Lawmaker Try Weed for the First Time

Ahead of a vote to legalise medical weed in Utah, Jim Dabakis wanted to show his colleagues that getting stoned isn't that big of a deal.
Drew Schwartz