Sad Thanksgiving Stories We Hope Are Worse Than What Goes Down This Year

There's always the potential for disaster during Thanksgiving, and this year's more of a powder keg than usual. These stories will make you forget the pilgrim fairy tales, talking politics with your family and the saturated fat.


Horrible News: Dying of Heartbreak Is Fucking Real

Apparently Danish people have been copping it soon after their loved ones perish. :(


YouTube Channel of the Week #3: GloomyHouse

Is it ever morally acceptable to air audio of a crying child calling 9-1-1?


Gaming’s Bleakest Should Remind Us of What Matters in Our Real Lives

Majora's Mask, Half-Life 2, Papers Please: through the darkness of these interactive experiences, we should appreciate the light in our own existences.


I Tried Eating Gourmet Dog Food and Now I Hate Myself

I read about a health food store that prepares gourmet dog food out of restaurant-quality ingredients. Obviously, I had to try it so that I could compare it to the worst human food available commercially.


How Did Victor White III Die in the Backseat of a Cop Car in New Iberia, Louisiana?

The New Iberian police of Louisiana say Victor III shot himself. His family and local activists think that's ridiculous. And an on-going state investigation is trying to get to the bottom of it.


I Went to Porn School in Leicester and It Was a Disaster

I learned that I never want to go to porn school again.


Drugs and Sadness in Glasgow's High-Rise Ghettos

The Barracks is one of the most deprived estates in the UK – but it wasn't always so miserable.


Paddy Power Are Exploiting Some of London's Most Impoverished Communities

With low-cost, easy-to-use games that are earning them millions a day.


Hashish Could Be Killing the Babies of Afghanistan's Carpet Loomers

Who takes care of the children while they’re at the loom? A babysitter called hashish.


The British Woman Who's Breastfeeding Behind Bars on Pakistan's Death Row

Khadija Shah was arrested for carrying £3.2 million worth of heroin through Islamabad airport.


I Tried to Have the Most Depressing Christmas Ever

Are you not entertained?