Donald Trump


The Democrats Have Had a Banner Week of Doing Whatever the GOP Wants

The left wants the party to fight tooth and nail. The party has responded: "Get real."
Brendan O'Connor
3 days ago
trade war

Trump's Latest Trade War Win Is Actually a Victory for China

The president claimed credit for a move China had been planning for months, and will benefit Chinese businesses far more than US ones.
David Gilbert

Trump Wants to Ban Mango Juul Pods, But AR-15s Can Stay

The administration says vaping is a deeply concerning epidemic but is turning a blind eye to another, much more deadly health crisis: gun violence.
Susan Rinkunas

The War on Drugs Is Coming for Vapes, and It's Not Going to End Well

"Making things illegal tends to make them more dangerous."
Alex Norcia
Trump re-election

It's the 9/11 Anniversary and Trump Is Tweeting About an (Unconstitutional) Third Term

He just can't stop "joking" about violating the 22nd Amendment and claiming his supporters might demand that he stay in office
Alex Lubben

Netanyahu's Desperate Campaign Promise Would 'Bury Any Chance of Peace'

The Arab world has furiously condemned the Israeli prime minister's pledge to annex a large chunk of the occupied West Bank if he's re-elected.
Tim Hume

Don Jr. Made a #MeToo Joke Last Night to Warm Up the Crowd for His Dad

“Kimberly, do you think the media is going to sue me for harassment since i just gave you a little kiss?”
Tim Marcin

North Korea Said it Wants to Restart Nuclear Talks. Then It Tested Two More Missiles.

North Korea's short-range arsenal doesn't cross Washington's red line, but the missiles could hit US allies like Japan and South Korea.
David Gilbert

Trump Just Blew Up a Peace Deal With the Taliban Because They Wouldn't Let Him Take All the Credit

The fate of more than 5,000 US troops who were going to come home from America's longest war is now unclear.
David Gilbert
trump tweets

The President of the United States Is Feuding with Chrissy Teigen Because That's Just How We Live Now

She called him a "pussy ass bitch" after he called her a "foul mouthed wife".
Tim Marcin
Hurricane Dorian

A Week After Hurricane Dorian, We Still Don't Know How Many People are Missing in the Bahamas

The storm has left 70,000 people homeless, and locals say the government response has been "ridiculous".
David Gilbert

A Shocking Number of Americans Want to 'Just Let Them All Burn'

A study measured the 'Need for Chaos' that leads people to spread online misinformation and vote for politicians like Trump.
Harry Cheadle