2 days ago

Scientists Want to Try Using Shrooms to Revive People in Vegetative States

Does psilocybin – the active ingredient in magic mushrooms – have the potential to increase consciousness in people who are unresponsive?

4 days ago

'El Mencho' Wants to Replace 'El Chapo' and He's Killing Mexican Cops at Will

Mexico's most formidable cartel just killed at least 14 cops and wounded nine more, using armoured vehicles and high-powered rifles.


I Came to Britain to Run an Illegal Weed Grow House

Albanians are moving into the UK cannabis cultivation business in a big way. One grow house manager tells his story


The US Military Killed Dozens of Civilians While Trying to Bomb Meth Labs, UN Alleges

According to a new UN report, a United States counternarcotics operation against alleged Afghan drug labs killed at least 14 children. The US has denied the report.


Congrats to Big Pharma on Finding a New Way to Profit Off of HIV Prevention

Gilead, the company that makes Truvada, just got FDA approval for Descovy, another form of PrEP. It costs nearly £1,460 a month without insurance coverage.


An Indian Dealer Explains Why Instagram Is so Great for Selling Weed

“I manipulate people. I might follow them but wait for them to see my Stories to know I sell.”


Drug Lords Have Figured Out How to Make Meth From Plants

Investigators in Afghanistan have uncovered a burgeoning local trade in the production of methamphetamine using a mountain shrub.


My True Romance With A Colombian Drug Lord

A trans woman talks about her up close experience with a deadly narco baron.


Good News: Science Says MDMA Can Be Comedown-Free

New research suggests that, instead of the crushing existential mood drop we're all used to, MDMA can actually produce an "afterglow" – if you're not an idiot about it.


The Truth About Looking in the Mirror on Psychedelics

It's rumoured you should avoid eyeballing your own reflection when you are tripping. But is it just a scare story?


The Great Vape Panic of 2019 Is Producing Some Wild Lawsuits

"I'm not exaggerating when I say that I talk to at least ten families a day," one lawyer said.


Professor Green Makes an Excellent Roast

We met the rapper in his south London home to talk about coming up, the emotional battles of making documentaries, selling drugs and the benefits of posting a good roast on Instagram.