eating alone

    • 2.14.17

      What It’s Like to Eat a Three-Course Valentine’s Day Meal Alone

      It is 12 noon on a grey Tuesday in the middle of February as I sit here, in a red nylon frock, preparing to eat a three-course Valentine’s Day meal alone. Entirely alone.

    • 9.16.16

      This App Will Find You Someone to Eat Lunch With

      Created by a US teenager who experienced bullying, Sit With Us allows school kids to create lunch events and meet up with those who have no one to sit with.

    • 5.23.14

      Eating Alone in Prison Is Miserable

      Prison grub tends to be a bit of a mystery to those on the outside. The days of lining for a sloppy ladleful of gruel are mostly over, but if porridge is no longer staple scran for inmates, what do they eat and who do they eat it with?