erotic art


Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings Highlight Blossoming Young Women

Artist Soey Milk’s stunning scenes depict youthful beauty, erotism and femininity.


[NSFW] For Valentine's Day, Sotheby’s Is Hosting Its First-Ever Erotic Art Auction

Pick out a steamy Valentine's Day gift from over 100 pieces in the auction's catalog.


Grindr Expands Its Diverse and Sexy Photography Program

“The goal,” Grindr’s creative director tells The Creators Project, “is to become a bit of a launching ground for emerging talent and a place for established talent to show off work that they might not have demand for elsewhere.”


[NSFW] Erotic Outsider Art Peeps Inside the Human Psyche

A new show of sexually explicit work by self-taught and folk artists opens at the Museum of Sex.


Erotic Art Fights Trump with Scenes of Female Pleasure

'HOTTER THAN JULY: Hands Off My Cuntry' opens January 11 at Undercurrent Projects in New York.


Picasso Forgers NABBED! | Last Week in Art

Also in art world news, Diane von Furstenburg is to be named "Godmother" of the new Statue of Liberty Museum.


Are These Anthropomorphic Ceramics Having a Threesome?

Ronit Baranga leaves 'Embrace #1' up for interpretation, but the sculpture is very sensual.


[NSFW] Photographer Turns Her Subjects into Androgynous, Erotic Dolls

Models are sophisticated mannequins under the gaze of Polish artist Joanna Grochowska.


These Vagina Watercolors Ooze Energy and Freedom

These washed-out paintings and floral installations perfectly depict the female body at an intimate level.


[NSFW] Meet Math Magazine, Porn's Artsy, Indie Alternative

"Our new tagline could be: 'Come for the consent. Stay for the orgasms,'" says Math Mag founder and editor-in-chief, MacKenzie.


Sculpture Gets Steamy at Frieze New York

Is it hot in this tent, or is just the art?


Take a Peek into the Private World of Male Strippers

Jan Rattia’s portrait series “Tease” shows quiet moments with male erotic dancers.