I Spent a Weird (and Homophobic) Day Trying to Follow God's Will

Inspired by the show 'God Friended Me', I tried to change my life by following the instructions of the big man upstairs.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

What Would Happen if Roman Catholic Priests Were Allowed to Have Sex

Probably more priests. But with the Church under scrutiny over sex scandals across the planet, it might happen sooner than you think.
Alex Norcia
Greek Financial Crisis

The People, Photos and Stories That Defined the Greek Financial Crisis

The Greek government claims austerity is over. But will anything actually change?
Kostas Koukoumakas

A Deep Dive into the Absolutely Ridiculous World of Roku Channels

Cults, dogs, foot fetishists – there's a channel for everyone on Roku.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
Social Media

I Went Through All of My Old Tweets and Was Horrified by What I Found

Deleting my tweets one at a time was an education in self-loathing and shame – and 100-percent worth it.
Eve Peyser
syrian war

Syrians Explain Why Nightlife in Damascus is Thriving Despite the War

"When you've had to spend ten days locked inside due to rocket firing, you want to find somewhere you can get wasted."
Hala Mustafa

People Are Offering to Marry the Syrian Refugee Stuck in an Airport

Hassan Al-Kontar has been living in a Kuala Lumpur airport since March, trapped by diplomatic bureaucracy.
Nyima Pratten

John McCain's Good Intentions Couldn't Save America

The central tragedy of McCain's career is that his crusades resulted in little lasting change and his principles were ignored by the party he spent his life supporting.
Harry Cheadle

Like Beer, There's Now 'Craft Cocaine'

A community of dark net drug users view themselves as cocaine connoisseurs, looking for "organic" coke over "petrol", and batches with good "legs" and "bag-appeal".
James Nolan
the internet

Going Deep on 'Fiat 500' Twitter

How one of Britain's biggest Twitter subcultures became a hotbed of social issues.
Lauren O'Neill
Late Capitalism

It's Capitalism's Fault That Young People Prefer Socialism

Also to blame: Democrats and liberals.
Matt Taylor
Lombok Earthquake

Teams Are Searching the Rubble of Lombok By Hand to Find Survivors

We went into the hardest hit part of the island and found search and rescue teams working tirelessly by hand to save people trapped beneath the ruins.
Akhyar M Nur