Ruby Tandoh Wants You to Fall Back in Love with Your Appetite

The food writer and former Great British Bake Off contestant's new book dismantles diet culture and food fads to celebrate eating exactly what you want.


Internet Freaks Out Over the News That All Skittles Actually Taste the Same

According to a recent NPR article, "Skittles have different fragrances and different colours—but they all taste exactly the same.'"


This Food Scientist Can Hack Your Dinner

Experimental psychology professor Charles Spence’s new book, Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating, explores how music, plateware, and theatrics influence the taste of food.


Why I’m Starting a Cookery Class for People Living with Cancer

London-based food writer Ryan Riley, who lost his mum to cancer as a teenager, is developing a free cookery course for those undergoing cancer treatments.


We Asked a Guy with Synaesthesia What a Bunch of Songs Taste Like

"Pianos always have the taste and texture of pineapple chunks. Usually, they’re the sweet tinned ones, but in this case, they were fresh.”


This Electronic Spoon Could Make Vegetables Taste Like Chocolate

Researchers at City University London have created a device that uses low-level electrical currents to mimic sweet and salty flavours.


Food Hacking: Electric Fork

Simon visits the inventor Hiromi Nakamura, who is researching the concept of "electric taste." Hiromi has developed a fork and cup that zap your taste buds with electrical currents to make food taste saltier. We wanted to experience the shock ourselves.


We Should Be Eating Seaweed by the Bucketload

So nutrient-dense and sustainable it's almost silly, it's high time we started looking to seaweed as a regular food source beyond spirulina pills and the stuff found in store-bought miso soups.