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The Government Has Slashed Funding to the Only UK Charity Helping Young PoC Into Creative Industries

Creative Access' motto is that "the media cannot reflect society if society is not reflected in the media".


Local Library Users Talk About How Closures Will Affect Them

In six years, 350 libraries have closed, with another 111 due to be axed within the next 12 months. We asked who still uses libraries, and what for?


Teen Pregnancy Rates Are Falling – Now We Need to Work on Our Attitudes Towards Young Mothers

Telling young mothers that they've "ruined" their lives can become a self-fulfilling prophecy when abuse from strangers makes it frightening to even leave the house.


America's Infrastructure Is Slowly Falling Apart

And here are the seven projects that prove it.


David Cameron's HIV Hypocrisy

A few weeks ago, the Prime Minister went on TV wearing a red ribbon to talk about Britain's growing gay HIV problem. Now is not the time for him to cut spending on HIV prevention.


Manchester's Homeless Crisis Is Only Getting Worse

There's only one night shelter in the entire city and charities are being stretched to their limits.