The Important Questions That Didn't Get Asked in the Priti Patel Scandal

And what we missed when we were following her flight path to get sacked.


Stories of People Faking Psychological Illness to Get Out of the Israeli Defence Force

In a country with conscription for every man and woman, you have to tell tall tales to get out of the army.


The Oppressive Architecture of the West Bank

A look at life inside Hebron, where Palestinians' everyday lives are hemmed in by a system of soldiers, checkpoints, barricades and violence.


The Canadian Veteran Who Fought the Islamic State Is Back Home

Dillon Hillier, a Canadian combat veteran who jumped on a plane from Calgary to fight alongside the Kurdish Peshmerga has returned home, according to a Facebook post from his father.


Syrian Fighters Rescued by the IDF: The War Next Door – Part One

In part one of a five-part series, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky gets exclusive access to an IDF special operation, highlighting an unusual relationship they have with their Syrian enemies across the border.


This Canadian-Israeli Woman Is Fighting the Islamic State with the Kurds

Reports have emerged from Israeli news agencies that a Canadian woman named Gill Rosenberg had joined Kurdish forces in northern Iraq to help them fight the Islamic State.


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VICE News travels to the Nuseirat refugee camp in Gaza, where a mosque had been hit by a missile strike.


Twisted Conflict Spectatorship in Israel and Palestine

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The Hangover News

This weekend, Pope Francis claimed that two percent of the clergy are paedophiles.


Ultra-Orthodox Jews Are Refusing to Join the Israeli Army

They say they're too busy praying to pick up guns.


One Night at a Palestinian Land Reclamation Party

I met the protesters reviving a Palestinian village in the Israeli occupied Jordan Valley.


Bedouins in Israel Are Being Driven from Their Land with Tear Gas and Water Cannons

They held a "Day of Rage" on Saturday and it lived up to its name.