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Don't Kid Yourself, Republicans Are Never Going to Turn on Trump

Removing the president from office will require GOP senators to break with him. That doesn't seem likely, no matter what Robert Mueller uncovers.
Eoin Higgins

Democrats Can Weaponise the Sexual Assault Allegations Against Trump

Democratic lawmakers are calling for a congressional investigation into the president's alleged past sexual improprieties. Is that the first step to his removal?
Allie Conti
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Larry Flynt Offers $10 Million for 'Smoking Gun' That Would Impeach Trump

The 'Hustler' magazine founder ran a full-page ad in Sunday's 'Washington Post' asking for dirt that could kick Trump out of office.
Drew Schwartz
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A Democrat Just Filed Articles of Impeachment Against Trump

California congressman Brad Sherman said he hoped the move would inspire an "intervention" in the White House.
Drew Schwartz

We Got Eight Experts to Guess How Long Trump Has Left

Don't hold your breath for a quick impeachment.
Mike Pearl
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Hey, Trump Should Just Quit, Right?

Everyone, especially Donald Trump, would be happier.
Harry Cheadle

Trump Just Took a Big Step Closer to Impeachment

What seemed like a liberal fantasy weeks ago is increasingly plausible, but still a ways off, according to a prominent legal expert.
Matt Taylor
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Nearly Half of American Voters Want Trump Impeached, Poll Says

And even more disapprove with the job he's done so far.
VICE Staff

How Trump's Inaction on Climate Change Could Lead to Impeachment

The "prediction professor," who has correctly called the last nine presidential elections, thinks that Trump is headed for a fall.
Allie Conti