Worst Take of the Week: 'Jacob Rees-Mogg Is Authentic' vs 'Depression Isn’t Real'

Literally two opinions so terrible I can't decide which is worse.


The Legend of the Fighting Dutchmen

Kaman. Dekkers. Aerts. Dutch kick fighters are in a league of their own. But who was the best of the bunch?


Idris Elba Is Thoughtful and Authentic in New Documentary 'Fighter'

“Everyone thinks they’re hard," says Elba. "But when push comes to shove, what are you going to do?"


Glory Kickboxer Josh Jauncey's Journey To The Top

Josh Jauncey came into the Glory lightweight division as a dark horse, but his success is no surprise to the people closest to him.


Idris Elba Made His Kickboxing Debut Last Weekend and It's Hard to Tell If He Won

The real outcome takes shape in an editing bay.


Groenhart vs Holzken: Righting Old Wrongs

With a rematch on the cards this weekend, we examine what made Groenhart such a tough match up for Nieky Holzken in their first Glory meeting.


When Manchester Was Mecca for Muay Thai

For some, Manchester was a party town, famed for its music scene and raucous drug-fuelled nightclubs. But for me, it was the place to learn the art of Muay Thai at Master Toddy's gym.


RIP Nampon: The Knee Flogger of Buriram Province

From rural farm boy to big-city kickboxing champ, we look back at the life, career and untimely death of Nampon Nongkeepahuyut.


An Interview With Idris Elba's Kickboxing Coach

We spoke to trainer and former world kickboxing champ Kieran Keddle about getting involved in the documentary series Idris Elba: Fighter, and helping his student embrace a different fighting style.


Champion Kickboxer Tiffany van Soest To Make Her MMA Debut at Invicta 19

Can Van Soest follow in the footsteps of Joanna Jędrzejczyk and Valentina Shevchenko and make the successful transition from pure striking to MMA?


Justin Scoggins: A Different Kind of Kicker

Justin Scoggins might seem like just another side on, karate kicker but by combining Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace's holy trinity of lead leg kicks with aggressive wrestling Scoggins has become something altogether new.


Michael Page and the Legitimacy of Point Fighting

Michael Page catches a lot of criticism for the level of competition he's faced, but is universally accepted as an exciting talent. We look at the trilogy between Page and kickboxing great Raymond Daniels.