Russia Is Making Its Own 'Chernobyl' Blaming America for the Whole Thing

Their version is apparently based on a conspiracy theory that says the CIA did it.


Russia Is Reopening an Investigation Into the World’s Greatest Mystery

Google the “Dyatlov Pass incident” and you are going find some incredible theories into the mysterious deaths of nine hikers.


Russia’s ‘Batshit Crazy’ New Super-Weapons Are Mostly Hype

The power of the Kremlin's new supersonic and atomic missiles are exaggerated, experts say.


America's National Security Adviser Resigns Over Russia Chats

Yeah, this is all actually happening. We're in a shitty 80s spy movie.


US Intelligence Agencies Investigated Michael Flynn's Ties to Russia

Trump's new national security advisor called the Russian ambassador on the same day President Obama announced new sanctions​ against the country in response to election hacking allegations.


The FBI Has Reportedly Been Investigating Trump's Alleged Russian Support for Months

The feds have apparently been conducting an investigation into a possible covert cash flow that may have aided Donald Trump's election.


Russian Actionist Petr Pavlensky Talks Censorship in the Motherland

An artist poked the bear... and almost got away with it.


​Love on the Battlefield of Eastern Ukraine

Ruslan and Oxana met first as soldiers in the same unit, when both joined the Donetsk People's Republic military at the beginning of the region's violent secession from Ukraine.


​Trans People Can’t Drive in Russia Anymore

More draconian restrictions have been placed on LGBT individuals in a country that has all but criminalised being gay.