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Local Election Carnage: Brutal Results for Both Labour and the Tories

The Lib Dems mopped up as the big boys took a beating for their Brexit positions.
Gavin Haynes
Angus Take House

Worst Take of the Week: The Lib Dems are Radical vs Bert and Ernie are Gay

More and more these days, we see the popping springs and suspicious smoke of the take machine sending itself into an almighty overdrive.
Angus Harrison
vice exclusive

A Millionaire Who Funded Brexit Made a Killing as Carillion Crashed

A wealthy hedge fund manager helped create the environment for outsourcing, and profited when it failed.
Solomon Hughes

Ex-Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron Says Gay Sex Is a Sin

He was "foolish" to say otherwise.
Simon Childs
Westminster Whispers

Francisco Garcia's Westminster Whispers

Salacious gossip in the House of Commons, from the lobby's most acerbic wit.
Francisco Garcia
Oh Snap

Surprise Election Scalps to Look Out For

Will these heads roll?
Gavin Haynes
Oh Snap

Is a 'Progressive Alliance' a Realistic Way to Beat the Tories?

Hanging out in Brighton to see if clubbing together against the nasty party actually works.
Gavin Haynes
Oh Snap

Labour's Youngest Candidate Is Trying to Oust the Lib Dem Leader

We spent a day on the campaign trail with the 18-year-old trying to stick it to Tim Farron.
Michael Segalov
Oh Snap

What We Learned from Today's Local Elections

Labour didn't do great, the Lib Dems fightback faltered and UKIP are pretty screwed.
Dawn Foster
Oh Snap

Welcome to VICE's Coverage of the Worst Election Ever

Join us in hell's waiting room.
Simon Childs
Oh Snap

Zac Goldsmith: Failure's New Posterboy

What sort of masochist sets himself up to be rejected by voters for the third time in a year?
Gavin Haynes
Oh Snap

The British Dream: Oh, Snap

We fired up our politics podcast to help us process another election.
Simon Childs