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Most Money Advice Is Worthless When You’re Poor

Savings tips are classist garbage and belong in the trash.
Talia Jane
Eat This

This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Fast Food a Lot

The Happy Meal may be one of the most paradoxically named products to ever hit the market.
Grant Stoddard

All The News You Need To Read This Morning

Smoking could be non-existent in the England by the year 2030, according to health chiefs.
VICE Staff

When ‘The World’s Most Famous Hacker’ Hacked a McDonald’s Restaurant Drive-In

When he was only 16, Kevin Mitnick hacked the drive-up windows of a local McDonald’s. To this day, he says this is his favorite hack ever.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

All The News You Need to Read This Morning

Manchester Arena attack firefighters are "ashamed" they couldn't help victims.
VICE Staff

I Lived Like Trump for a Day and It Almost Killed Me

There was lots of Diet Coke, McDonald's, golf, cable news and feelings of utter despair.
Eve Peyser
Desus & Mero

The US President Pretty Much Eats Like a Crossfaded College Kid

Desus and Mero discuss Trump's fast-food diet.
Sarah Bellman

I Turned a Load of Takeaway Food Into KFC 'Double Downs' and Now I Need to Either Shit or Die

What happens if you apply KFC's monstrous concept to a Big Mac? Well.
Tom Usher
Rick and Morty

I Waited for McDonald's Szechuan Sauce and It Was Fine

Lots of ‘Rick and Morty’ fans were assholes this weekend, but New York’s didn’t destroy my faith in humanity.
Beckett Mufson
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This McDonald's Allegedly Sold Burgers, Fries and a Bunch of Cocaine

"Operation Off the Menu" uncovered a manager allegedly stuffing the drugs in cookie bags alongside McDoubles and fries.
Drew Schwartz
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McDonald's Szechuan Sauce Is Coming Back, Thanks to 'Rick and Morty'

For one day only, you can now get your hands on the sugary goo that helped promote 'Mulan' in 1998.
Beckett Mufson
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Burger King Russia Wants to Ban 'IT' Because It's Basically a McDonald's Ad

Pennywise looks a little too much like Ronald McDonald, apparently.
River Donaghey